Ruff cut set van 5


  • 10 dagen garantie op slijpwerk
  • Eerste slijpbeurt gratis bij elke Sensei schaar
  • Brede kennis door 20 jaar knipervaring

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The Ruff cut set by Sensei is designed to be a great economical set for for newer groomers looking for a professional tools. Its also a great set for pampered pup parents looking for a quality set to help their pup look its best.

For Seasoned groomers though the Ruff cut also lives up to its name. The Beveled edges on the Ruff cut are perfect for doing debulking and work on dirtier dogs to keep your Convex edge’d Sensei Shears in perfect condition for your detail work and finishing.

These shears have a Matte Black powder coating finish which is non reflective to help avoid startling your canine client.  This also helps protect the shear from moisture in the pivot area.

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